Thursday 16 August 2012

The annual Grand Puba post # 2

Ayo, Stud - bus' it while I finish off with the most secrete and rare of Grand Puba songs. This was recorded sometime between Reel To Reel and 2000 and comes from an obscure 1999 EP which also featured the classic Flip Styles with Diamond D & Sadat X and that meh Don't Change cut with Monifah. Over the same Al Green sample as the Memphis Sessions remix of AZ's I Am The Truth, the man like Maxwell shouts out Stud Dougie & Alamo, ad-libs a bit, gets his Who Can Get Busy Like This Man? Jamaican toaster voice on and then launches into the third verse from Amazing which concludes with a set of lyrics he's never used anywhere else :

"My lingo's like a Thursday night corner church bingo
mad props to Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Ringo
if I was in South Africa, I'd be a mandingo,
creepin' through the bush lookin' for a joint single
so come on, give a n*gga his - I'ma earn mine,
but I'll catch ya all on the next time"

Grand Puba - Time To Put It On
(From Brand Nubians featuring Grand Puba 12" EP; 1999)

Rap-nerd quiz time : U2's Achtung Baby was originally set to be called which infamous Grand Puba lyric from Who Can Get Busy Like This Man? before their record label kiboshed the idea?


brad said...

sheeeeeeit - never heard this before!

Mr Bozack said...

"She said '69?', I said '68 and I owe you 1'"?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...