Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Reasons why I love Youtube # 29

Pete Nice & MC Serch explain The White Rapper's Burden to a sockless Arsenio before DJ Richie Rich juggles the living shit out of Brother Marquis' "sittin' at home watchin' Arsenio Hall" line from the clean version of 2 Live Crew's Me So Horny and the three of them launch into The Gas Face with a helping hand from some bloke in a horrific matching paisley shirt and bandana :

Serch was kinda riding the proto-Jacamo advert wave back in those days, but for a fat lad he couldn't half keep pace with their back-up dancers. Talkin' of flabby fellas from Queens, is Midget Cough Action Bronson's best solo song of the year so far or wot?

"Shoot eagles on the Jack Nicklaus course
Porsche with the triple exhaust, seats soft like a midget's cough"

Action Bronson - Midget Cough
(From the innanetz; 2012)

What's up with dude Rapping about being an ostentatious don in satin when he appears to be styling his wardrobe after the fat Mexican one from Fear Factory nowadays, though?


Boothe said...

Pete >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Serch.

Peep the sock game, yo!

Elijah said...

Man, I hate to be that irritating rap nerd, but just in case I'll point out that ugly-bandanna man is Zev Love X aka MF Doom in the alternate past before everything changed.

Mister Jay said...

ayo that aint just some bloke, thats a maskless mf doom, formerly known as zev love x, in a horrific matching paisley shirt and bandana. im pretty sure the gas face was his first recorded verse. thank you for that video, every part of it was great. i wanna learn to dance like mc serch, so inspirational.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No, really? I thought it was Professor X from X-Clan?????????

Especially 4 u, Mister Jay, here they are doing The Gas Face on Spring Break too.

Mr Bozack said...

haha i think they call that a "whoosh" re doom. quality vid tho - serch's dancing is next level.

mister jay said...

damn, me and elijah fell for the sarcastic ignorance. shout out to mc serch wearing a black sweatshirt while performing on a beach. thank you *in my HD voice*