Thursday, 19 July 2012

I'm still naked with no weapon, what was I to do?

Oh wow, big 'Ball just quietly dropped a song that's the most vivid storytelling joint about the perils of drug-game since Yo Gotti's Rico as well as the best storytelling track to touch on the theme of revenge over an acoustic guitar since AZ's The Payback :

8Ball - Lucky's Theme Song
(From Life's Quest album; 2012)

Heck, it even subscribes to Ice-T's axiom that Gangsta-Rap should contain some sort of subtle message, and so it ends with a chilling reminder that there are real life consequences to crime like one of Ice's old storytelling jams such as Soul On Ice. Damn, kicko, that's some Just Say No type shiznit on multiple levels, innit?

*EDIT* - 4 days later and this now has a video :


brad said...

"we buy gold" = best song of 2012!

done said...

Cot damn that song is ridiculous.

On Top Of the World is second only to Death Certificate for conscious gangsta shit imo. I think the secret is passive aggressive KRS snubs.

Anonymous said...

That's the best Yo Gotti song I've ever heard.

AK said...

This song is goddamn fantastic.