Saturday, 28 July 2012

Snort is now in session

How come Driz Driztofferson is the only blogga I've seen post that new Troy Ave cut when it's even better than Dirty Martini? From the flow to the hook to the beat to the sheer disgust for his fellow man, I Know Why You Mad is like an 80s baby's take on post-Columbia/pre-Aftermath Fiddy, and that's a far preferable retro aesthetic for N.Y Rap to tap into right now than Mike Zoot 2.0, Tumblr-Rap Horrorcore or streetwear-website funded 2012 Thirstin Howl III :

Troy Ave - I Know Why You Mad
(From Mick Boogie & HYPETRAK Represent The Stripes mixtape; 2012)

Three questions, though : what's that sample, why didn't that shitty Bricks In My Back Pack 3 mixtape sound like this, and what's up with Troy's camp AHA! ad lib where he sounds like a barefooted Mr Humphries accidentally standing on a thumbtack?


brytburken said...

Gracias, for once again sorting out the jewels out of Troy's otherwise rather bland oeuvre.

And yes, this indeed is very 50 Cent at his best-like...

Richard Tre Mane said...

Don't besmirch the holy names of Blast and Driz, Mr. Burken.

H.L. said...

I really hope he stops making the Bricks In My Backpack sequels and start with something fresh.

Richard Tre Mane said...

I just want him to do a sequel to 501 Basic Blues with the same beat and hook but with just him rapping this time.