Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday the 27th

Post-Traumatic Stress is out in full, yet I still can't get past Track 1 even though DGB posted it as a loosie a couple of days back now.

$tarlito - Track 1
(From Post-Traumatic Stress EP; 2012)

Actually, that's a total fib since there's a Mike Will produced cut on there called Nerve Damage that I'm all over like Tumblr-reblogs of terrible Flatbush Zombie songs and I just wanted to post Track 1 here because that beat has reminded me that I need to hear someone Rap over Fred Mollin's intro music from the Friday The 13th TV series already. Here's the original intro with the Uncle Lewis scenes and voice over explaining the show's premise which was removed from the DVD boxset/all subsequent reruns of the show for some daft unfathomable reason :


Crazy Ralph said...

Speaking of Friday the 13th intros. Some kind soul has graced us with all the title intros:

Part VI's James Bondesque one being a particular favourite,

I always expected some West Coast producer like Dr Dre to borrow the theme from Part III and I don't think it's been done yet.

Richard Tre Mane said...

That's excellent.

Richard Tre Mane said...

I should probably feel embarrassed that I had no idea Track 1 and Nerve Damage were beats jacked from Lil B and Future songs, but, y'know, I can't be expected to find gems by Foxx's weed carrier and know them too.