Sunday, 11 December 2011

Why hasn't King Louie dropped a Ric Martel reference yet?

"Dope strip and dirty soda, plasma screens and big racks
Big gats, no kickback
Make a n*gga flip back
You eatin'? Break me off a piece, treat him like a Kit Kat
These fuck n*ggas sendin' shots, but really that's a mismatch"

King Louie - Still Arrogant
(From the internet; 2011)

Other than that portion of lyrics, you know what my 2nd favourite thing about Still Arrogant is? That I've now got another joint with that same O Fortuna operatic sample as Byrd Gang's Ya Dig for when I'm feelin' like the Roman emperor Trajan as he defeated the Dacian army at the 2nd battle of Tapae, and that's an experience I'm just never gonna get from listening to The Roots, innit?

Stack Bundles & Jim Jones - Ya Dig
(From M.O.B. Members Of Byrdgang mixtape; 2008)

Obviously my 3rd favourite thing about Still Arrogant is that it also gives me the opportunity to link to my King Louie and Byrd Gang compilations again.

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brad said...

everything you've posted by king louie has been great.