Thursday, 15 December 2011

Foe pas

He may have lost out on the Tony Montana beat to King Louie, but $tarlito has been on his MF DOOM shit in 2011, adding to his collection of the skulls and spines like Predator with the beats from Ellen Degeneras, Tupac Back and the Alley Boy/Jeezy/Yo Gotti posse track Four for his latest video clip :

$tarlito - For My Foes
(From #UW : Separation Anxiety EP; 2011)

This is all over DGB and Traps N Trunks already, so, other than 'lito being my current favourite gangly Rapper, my main reason for adding to the labyrinth pile-up is that the video features the best use of a parking garage since Slim Dunkin's Blindsided and its milieu has reminded me that this place still gets at least 2 hits a day via people searching the term "did Slim Dunkin's get his kid back after he was kidnapped?"

... Fellas, ladies - it was a video for a Rap song not a documentary or a re-enactment! Do you simps believe that the Miller brothers were created in a castle by a mad scientist with a fake afro, a hunchback serf called Igor and a couple of chicks in nurses uniforms who wandered in from a local hen night too?


James said...

"Ghetto D" video is one of the most bizarre vids to come out at the height of the Jiggy-era.

Billy Dee Trilliams said...

When I was a kid I actually did believe Snoop lived in the house featured on "Game is 2 be sold not 2 be told, as well as Young Bleed on "My Balls and My World." There was another cover around that time, Cash Money or No Limit affiliated where they just used the white house as the background. I'm really disappointed in myself for not remembering.

Richard Tre Mane said...

I can't lie, I used to think Biz Markie owned the yacht in the Vapors video.