Saturday 24 December 2011

Godamn Yo Gotti

Messin' up both my 2011 singles/non-singles lists by shooting a video for Single.

Basically, Memphis this year >>>> ATLanta this year (apart from Brick Squad and the annual 2 great songs per annum by Soulja Boy) and Single needs to be as big in 2012 as Soul Survivor was in 2005, or, at the very least, bigger than Spend It, Tony Montana and Bussin' were in 2011 :

Yo Gotti ft. Stuey Rock - Single
(From Live From The Kitchen; 2012)

If this place were a serious blog I'd have to say say something like ‘Yo Gotti makes sure we're all gonna have a white Christmas with Single’ at this point, but since I take not taking Rap seriously very seriously indeed I have nothing to offer you for the morrow except this screencap and the thought that Youtube comment sections have thankfully rendered the career of Weird Al Yankovic and other such zany peckerwoods making parody-Rap songs near-obsolete :

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