Wednesday, 19 January 2011

B-B-Byrd Gang is the word # 2

At some point soon there should hopefully be a The Martorialist X another certain blog mix based around songs which took the whole synth-noir sound of old Ice-T shit like Squeeze The Trigger and Drama and ran with it, but since I promised someone a Byrd Gang compilation after this post, here's my first foray into the realm of themed compilations with a rar file I'm titling ‘Should've Been The Byrd Gang Album’.

The criteria :

1. To create an album in the vein of Diplomatic Immunity without the multitude of irritating Freaky Zeeky interludes which behooves how good a group Byrd Gang were (unlike the actual post-Max B and Stack Bundles Byrd Gang retail album) with songs taken from the original 2005 - 2008 Jim Jones, Max B, Stack Bundles, and Mel Matrix line-up era.

2. To only use real songs instead of freestyles (their version of Black Superman works as a remake a la 'Bout It, Bout It Part 3 so that gets a pass) which came from mixtapes and compilations, rather than any of Jim's albums.

3. And under no circumstance would it include We Roll with Pete Rock because this is also intended as a sort've primer compilation for people whose only exposure to Byrd Gang is that very song.

Byrd Gang - Should've Been The Byrd Gang Album

1. Anniversary
2. New York Minute
3. Sour Diesel
4. Life's Like A Movie
5. Fire Flow
6. Bury Me In My Gucci
7. Prolific
8. Deez My Streets
9. I'm Paid
10. Black Superman 2006
11. Dope Game, Coke Game
12. Whenever I'm Around (with NOE)
13. Which Way
14. Different
15. Ya Dig
16. Hawaii 5.0 (with Styles P)
17. Cold Rocking It
18. 2 Blocks (with NOE)


18 tracks is about the right length for an album to burn to a CD-R, though I might've stretched to 19 if I could find the original version of Man Down with Max B on the hook plus the 2nd verse before it became a Mel Matrix & Jim Jones song. Pour out a little snapple for another song which vanished from the 'net when Murdoch snuffed out Imeem.

"Since the kid was a misfit
I ain't have no best friend, just me and my biscuit.."

Mel Matrix ft. Jim Jones - Man Down (2009)

Kudos to the Kentucky Kid™ for hippin' me to some of the Byrd Gang mixtapes back in '07 when I was a square who was only checkin' their appearances on Harlem : Diary Of A Summer and Hustler's P.O.M.E.


James said...


done said...

cheers man i was lookin for somethin like this im not too familiar with their catalogue, its appreciated. aughta be a good compliment to rnt's max b one.

but yeh keep these goin, you got good taste. a fab or black rob one somewhere down the line would be cool too, im havin no luck finding half them promos/mixtape cuts youv mentioned on the internet

step one said...

thanks man, looks good - d/ling now

The Great Gats, B said...

I might do a Black Rob one next.

done said...

nice one, oh and g-dep too perhaps? same problem.

some shits just not on the interwebs far as i can tell, unless im not usin the right channels. then again i could always just pay for some rap music. ha.

The Great Gats, B said...

A G. Dep comp' would be, like, 8 songs long or something.

Find his album with the 5 good songs on it, find rips of Head Over Wheels and Blow More Spots on T.R.O.Y or somewhere, and dl the other songs of his I've upped on here and you're pretty much good to go.

Mr Bozack said...

Head Over Wheels was on a Primo mix years back wannit? 101 maybe?

done said...

cheers i will do. yeh suppose i just never thought of a site like troy, i needa step up my bootleg game

2SHIN said...

Downloading it right now.

I'll be really disappointed if you don't shout obnoxiously over the intros of all the songs ala DJ Khaled.

The Great Gats, B said...

It certainly was, Bozack. Highlight of that mix, imo, and it comes from a nice Tape Kingz EP too.

You're making me rue a missed oppurtunity in not dubbing myself doing Mark Viduka impressions over the top of it now, 2$hin.

Anonymous said...

man a black rob one would be nice...

.... if that odb song, that one over tru master with farrakhan on the hook, and that freestyle over Black On Black Crime are included....................

Mr Bozack said...

Had to look it up - reckon Braggin Writes and Properties Of Steel take it but Head is a sick tune.


good shit

The Great Gats, B said...

RNT - you got/remember that original version of Man Down?

Cooper Mitchell-Rekrut said...

thanks for the sick mix. i think you meant "belies," not "behooves," though.

James said...

I'll second a Black Rob comp next.

The Great Gats, B said...

Behooves and belies both work.

Black Rob comp comin' later this week.

xanax fantasia said...

realize i am six years two late but any chance yu could re-up this?

Si Mane Price said...

I'll do it when I get home later.

Si Mane Price said...

Re-upped, click the download link.