Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ay' Bay Bay

Random 2010 Bay jam # 1 :
Cousin Fik - No Gravity

A head's up post since Mob Figaz expert and all-around Bay Area maven Thomas of of 100GrandOnMyWrist looks back on 2010 in the Bay and looks foward to what 2011 will bring. Always a good source for Bay shit which has otherwise passed me by, obscure Mob Figaz cuts, and themed compilations, so check it out if you're that way inclined.

Random 2010 Bay jam # 2 :
NhT Boyz - DJ

I'd like to say a quick thanks to 2Shin for the shout out in the latest issue of i-D, to Noz for the feature on The Wire's site the other day, to Thun, David, and the HipHopIsRead dude who Dom P called a kiddie-fiddler that time for all the recent linkage, and to Lil B for inadvertently getting my posts on him all sorts of ridiculous hits from dudes googling "suck my dick" or "dick sucking bitch" all throughout 2010. Cheers.

Random 2010 Bay jam # 3 :
Keak Da Sneak & DJ Fresh - Favorite Rappa

Also wanna give a shout out to that Mister Jay guy from the Bay who recommended me the Fishscale album by Young Bossi in the comment section a while back because, much like Red And Blue Lights by J-Stalin ft. Jacka, Hus's You Neva Know, No Tears by Jacka & Ampichino ft. D-Rek, and DB Tha General's Murda, the Life Of A Boss cut is the sort of lavish umbilicus-gazing Bay jam I'm all up on like Lil' Flip at a shop which sells magical 3/4 length denim shorts which can cure H.I.V. Anyone ID me the sample?

Random 2010 Bay jam # 4 :
Young Bossi - Life Of A Boss

Wait, is Bossi actually from the Bay or just nearby? Why is there literally no info' about this guy online?

Random 2010 Bay jam # 5 :
Too $hort - Bitch, I'm A Pimp


done said...

id add the nht tape to the list of throwback shit done well, they have really good taste too

i fuckin love that db video where hes runnin through the forest with guns-
videos with tonz o' gunz>> ones without as best exemplified by old mop clips. even the one with the tank cant compete with pointing tecs at (presumably poorly-paid)cameramen

hl said...

"Noz for the feature on The Wire's site the other day..."


Can you post the link for this one?

misterjay said...

young boss is from akron, ohio, a.k.a. AK-47, the ak ("young boss and the jack, from the bay to the ak"). you can find out more about him through his rapps. i think hes with the regime, correct me if someone knows better. he has more time and great verses on the first devilz rejectz album "36 zipz".
this song tho:

thanks for the shout out, it took you such little time, but makes me feel so cool. step 1 of becoming internet famous initiated. watch out for mister jay in 2011.

Mo' Codenames said...

Fuck, I thought Akron was somewhere in Northern Cali. Yeah, pretty much all I could find out about him is that he's part of the Regime.

Done, it's all about the pitched-up sample of Jam On It by Newcleus on DJ. Link me that DB Tha General video 'cause I've not seen it.

HL : here. Part of a series I guess writers for The Wire do. He also had Lil B's Twitter and Dat Piff as part of the series so I'm in esteemed company.

done said...

its worth waitin til 2:23 when he gets his travis bickle on

the whodini and ice-t remakes are deadly aswell

Mo' Codenames said...

That's great. That No Limit Soldier swag with the camo army surplus gear and boonie hat.

Thomas said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog on your site again, I appreciate it...As for Young Bossi, he is associated with Yukmouth's Regime along with Freeze and Ampichino, but the group is real loosely organized. All 3 of those guys are from Akron, OH and along with Rich the Factor they are my favorite non-Bay Area rappers. That song "Bricks" off Ampichino's Da Krazies I have been listening to non-stop for the past few months.

Mo' Codenames said...

No probs.