Monday, 3 January 2011

Ayo Fred Flak

From the MobStyle weekend 1 : their beef with N.W.A post.

Pretty Tone Capone - Case Dismissed (1992)

The caps-lock swag barometer is definately registering on the Prodigy level rather than the Necro one here, Fred, and those hardbody early Pretty Tone Capone solo cuts you produced were obviously a huge influence on Big L and Cam'Ron & Bloodshed. I got 5 questions for you if you happen to return :

1. What exactly happened at Def American Records with Pretty Tone, and is there a full unreleased PTC album from that period in the vaults somewhere?

2. Were you in the Case Dismissed video, which is almost certainly a top 5 rap video of all time? If so, which dude are you, who were the 2 white fellas (actors? friends of the crew?) and who was the honey-dip ridin' with Tone who looked like a Puerto Rican Winona Ryder?

3. Ever heard of the DiggersWithGratitude guys? They've put out unreleased material by Tragedy, Marley Marl, Godfather Don etc in the past 4 or 5 years. You should get in contact with them and try and work out a deal to release the songs with Lord Finesse and Showbiz.

4. K. Def has some footage on Youtube of him cuttin' up some unreleased Pretty Tone song on Serato (at 1:36 in) which I assume is with Def's old group Real Live. You aware of that song?

5. Ru-Paul, bro?


Thomas said...

'caps-lock swag barometer' made me lol. RU-PAUL WHAT?!?!

Boothe said...

Some good news.

Posting it here to keep it out of your current conversations.

It's the return of...

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nice one. Been checking the Ego Trip site, but missed the gawd being on there.

fredflak said...

wats good mortalist im back..fredflak sorry just been runnin @ payin bills...we need to set up a lil interview me n prettytone..