Monday, 17 January 2011

Future fear

After last year saw promo clips for Planet Thug, Canal Street, Feel My Pain, and Figure Four all appear within the space of a few months, I joked that we'd probably end up seeing great new viral video singles by Snagglepuss and Black Rob before 2010 was done 'n' dusted. Lo and behold, Snagglepuss reappeared out of the blue upon the mention of his name like Candyman with the reformed Bounce Squad on 2 new songs including the sterling Jadakiss assisted The Bounce Is Back (still needs a vid', though), and it transpires that B.R's No Fear cut which was floating around last summer was afforded a video a few months back, although I didn't see it until recently when I was perusing his Twitter to see if there was any juicy gossip about G-Dep on there :

"So people throw your hands up and show me where the cash at
matter-of-fact, put 'em down, I might catch a flashback.."

Black Rob - No Fear

Nothing quite says 'hood viral video for more than the the lip-syncing being slightly off from the song at times and and the clip itself being some ol' entirely-too-darkly-filtered Christopher Nolan Batman movie lookin' ass shit. Good joint, though, because lyrically and production-wise it picks up where the likes of Help Me Out and Smile In Your Face from the last B.R album left off and, I dunno who laced it but it definately has that D-Dot or Nashiem Myrick feel to it, no?

By my reckoning, Black Rob has a 10 month window of oppurtunity left to release another mixtape and album before he winds up getting sent back to the bing again for stealing toasters from Wal-Mart, so his Twitter page reveals potentially excellent news for 2011 betwixt his general "'sup, fam?" tweets to Jadakiss and Styles P with the proposal that they record a sequel to the unquestionably classic 24 Hours To Live :

A 24 Hours To Live Part 2 which wouldn't feature the presence of DMX could surpass the song which beget it in theory, but the curse of every Duck Down release since Monkey Barz bar the Heltah Skeltah reunion album (Goldust's entrance music would've been one of the last WWF themes I'd have would ever get sampled, but it sounded mad imperious on That's Incredible) inevitably rears its ugly head to extinguish one's expections :

Sonofabitch. The only way this could ever be welcome news would be if 9th Wonder had finally woken up to the fact that the only great beat he's ever concocted was M.O.P's Instigator.


done said...

say word? iv been unwittingly bumping a fuckin 9th wonder beat this whole time?

he has the odd nice moment but, really - instigator? i thought that was a bink! beat from their time at the roc or somethin, sheesh. but i can hear it upon relistening, and the drums arent the worst but theyr not great either

done said...

ha necro has a formspring

step one said...

There was another 2 BR joints from a year or so ago - 'Big Guns' and 'Delusional' that had me amped for more new material.
Id rather here him on some Nottz, Ski Beatz or Large Pro (ala 'The Hardest') or even Primo instead of 9th Wonder but maybe he'll pull something out the bag.

If they could get Pusha or someone on '24 Hrs pt 2' that could be a tune of the year.

Boothe said...

I'm fundamentally against "part 2" tracks (or albums). Even if they turn out well.

David said...

Very disappointing punchline to this post

David said...

Oh id give a pass to 9th wonder for that 'honey' joint for badu too but that might not count

dv said...

How will we explain 9th Wonder's inexplicable success to future generations?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I dunno, DV? That people must've hankered for a Soundclick version of Pete Rock with those annoying snares which've ruined so much of Primo's work since 1999.

Big Guns was my shit, Step, but he just jacked a Lloyd Banks beat on it.

David, you don't like Instigator? Agreed on Honey, though. Didn't realise that was a 9th beat.

There was a time when I would've agreed with you, Boothe, because most sequel joints back in the day sucked (EPMD and CMW being the most obvious guilty parties), but I have a more relaxed approach nowadays since we've had some good part 2s + 3s over the last decade.

Done, I saw that Necro formspring post on Bol's site. Pretty much the highlight of the internet in 2011 so far.

done said...

yeh bol finds the lions share of my rap-related lolz.

i havent really had a chance to look through it but im sure its hilarious, id say him and his brother are the only people who cant get asher-rothed cos of n-word usage due to their die hard honky fanbases. and he seems to have retired the all caps which is a shame.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Necro might be my favourite person online, period.

Mr Bozack said...

God I love Instigator. C'mon, 9th's done some pretty nice stuff with Buckshot and Murs.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

To be fair, I've not heard any of the Murs stuff, but the stuff for Buckshot and Sean Price was pretty dull, imo.