Friday, 6 August 2010

Martorial elegance # 35

Is CJ a victim of the rolled chino trend? Does Daphne wear skirts or trousers with those M&S blouses? Do Kevin, Chris, Barry, and Pat ever turn up in shorts during hot weather? Has Judith got a decent body on her for a GAILTF?

These are the questions which plague every Eggheads fan who spends too much time pondering what our Herculean tv quiz team are wearing under their desk as we twist and crank our necks into flesh pretzels to catch a glimpse of their outfits that split-second when you see them stand up before it cuts to them sitting there grimacing in the question room.

The newest issue of Radio Times with the Eggheads feature finally clears one of these pertinent issues up as we learn that Judith doesn't look too dumpy for a 67 year old and that her footwear of choice are... Chuck Taylors?

Can women of pensionable age wear Converse? Were the clues there all along with her being an expert on the Rolling Stones during the music rounds? Aren't Cons Jack Purcells, Pro-Keds Royal Los and those recent Nike premium All Courts (the tan suede ones in particular) all better alternatives to Chucks in the same price range if you want some kicks with a white rubber toebox? Is going from making posts about why Judith is the most alluring tv quiz show member of recent times to obsessing over her footwear in the space of two years a symbol of my spiral into hommedom?

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Mr Bozack said...

Yeh, you'd poke it. Probably chuck one in Daphne as well just for the sake of it.

That Pat twat just won the Mastermind Champions things in a ludicrously thrilling final. I'm not even joking.

MF said...

Oh, you know I was all over that and the previous 4 episodes.

I wish they'd have had Kevin on there too since he holds the record for the highest score and Kevin vs. Pat on tv would be the equivalent of seeing a mythical Rakim vs. Kane battle at Latin Quarter in '88.

2SHIN said...

I imagine I'd actually enjoy suckling on her collapsed arsehole. She's still doing it facially.

Chucks are the uniform for the 30 something guitar teacher, the type of guy that used to be kinda cool when he was 19.

Real gangsters wear leather espadrilles.

MF said...

Unless you're a Blood/Crip or an Ese, Chucks are some straight up Baby-Momma kicks nowadays.

dj said...

I would hit Judith Keppel all day long. It's not a "she might get it"; it's a pro-active "I watch Eggheads because I want to smash" scenario.

Bozack: Daphne, srsly?

MF said...

Hottest millionaire pensioner in the history of tv?