Saturday, 28 August 2010

"Young Rick The Ruler, my mouth's a mess"

AZ - Feel My Pain

Why did nobody tell me that AZ shot a video for this until that 2DopeBoyz post with his new Nothing Move song the other day? I'm glad he did because it's one of my favourite cuts to emerge from the big apple in the past couple of months (plus verification that I'm Ill wasn't just a fluke after a couple of years where AZ was looking completely washed up) and it fits in nicely with the great-viral-street-singles-by-nineties-leftover-NY-rappers movement this year alongside Canal Street by Raekwon, Thug Planet by CNN et al, Figure Four by Sean Price, and Ric Flair by Cam & Vado. Though, if we've not had viral bangers by Black Rob, Royal Flush, Snagglepuss, and Keith Nut by the end of october it'll all have been a waste of time.

Not a bad video considering it probably cost less than $20 to shoot (though, I can't imagine those Feel My Pain slogan tees will be as successful around Brooklyn as Maino's Hi Hater tees were, tbh), with the old pictures and video footage serving to remind us that HE'S DONE SONGS WITH NAS!!!!/BEEN IN VIDEOS WITH BIGGIE AND JAY-Z!!!!, and that he's also hopped on the sequel bandwagon in response to the complete apathy to his last few albums and DOE OR DIE 2 IS COMING OUT SOON!!!!!! I can't work out whether Doe Or Die 2 is a new album or a repackaged version of the original with all the remixes and a few new tracks, though. 'Sup with that?


step one said...

I like AZ. I even liked 'Undeniable' which everyone else seems to hate.
he's in London at the end of Sept. May have to reach.

hl said...

Doe or Die II is a new album as far as I know. I think it's confusing because he's releasing it on the same date the original was released.

This song is pretty good.

Boothe said...

That shit was dope. Dude just sounds New York.

Was listening to the new Kanye track "Monster" and when Jay came on I had to shake my head in disgust. That flow that he picked up while recording that BP3 piece of shit, is so wack.

btw...your blog was linked to on Okayplayer.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thanks for the link and info, Boothe and hl. I like to pretend that Jay-Z no longer exists, especially after seeing him live again a couple of months back.

Is that his first ever show on these shores, Step? He's lazier than G Rap or Scarface when it comes to touring.

I liked Game Don't Stop, Dead End, Life On The Line, and The Hardest 2 from Undeniable. Oh, and the untitled bonus song too.

step one said...

Yeah, pretty sure its his UK debut. I dont think he does that many shows which makes me wonder how good he'll be but as long he does 'Rather Unique' and 'The Come Up' then I'm happy.

2SHIN said...

His garment game in this video is slacking.
How's a member of The Firm gonna be rocking the same 'got all my shit from Officers Club' swag that fresh off the boat Nigerian guys wear to London's West End clubs.

Chopper's suit changed the game, AZ needs to step it up.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Chopper's suit is up there with Rakim's Dapper Dan gear, Biggie's Coogi sweater and Juelz's patchwork suit from the Dipset Anthem video.

Boothe said...

haha @ Nigerian freshies.

I can't see any details on his clothing. might as well be wearing a stay puft suit.

that watch though...looking a little too sporty for me. like, yo anthony, you gonna run a mile after the video shoot?