Saturday, 3 April 2010

You, sir, are no Johnny-Boy

But it's a pity this mook from today's American Apparrel Rummage Sale riot in London didn't befall the same fate as Johnny-Boy during the pool hall fight scene in Mean Streets :

The police here in the U.K need more guns to deal with fluffed-up imbeciles like this, and these U.K streets need more dames in American Apparel wet-look shiny leggings like this :

Though, not fat dames, obviously.

Born Again$t - I Am A Idiot


Boothe said...

mmmmmm yes, i love me some barely of age american apparel model bitches.

i don't even bother with online porn anymore. i just go AA's website for my masturbatory needs.

Oh, and I like their t-shirts too. gives the illusion that i'm deezed.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Lookbooks are the new porn.

I experimented with their blank tees but found them a bit too thin and flimsy for my own needs.

Sha Deezy said...

Sea of peasants

brad said...

them shiny leggings are the best invention for women since the wonderbra

James said...

I'd let that girl nail me with a strap on and then call me a faggot in front of my mum if she'd sit on my face after a summer day wearing those leggings.