Sunday, 25 April 2010

Doggin' The Wax

Steady B, Cool C and their weedcarrier/pistol shiner Ultimate Eaze may have offered rap-nerds the challenge of coming up with our own humourous acronyms for their C.E.B group (Countin' Endless Bummings/Buttfucks wins every time for the 3 lifers), but Dope-E of The Terrorists and K-Rino's first group C.O.D dispensed which such formalties entirely when they dropped their one and only EP under the name C.O.D AKA Cummin' Out Doggin' back in 1990 :

Best EP title ever? Clearly, international readers are going to be unfamiliar with big Stan up-top, but do Americans, Canadians and continental Europeans practice the dogging too or have you got your own country-specific terms for it?

Anyway, as the first proper outing by both Dope-E before he formed The Terrorists and K-Rino before his solo debut in 1993 (he'd dropped a 12" under the name of Real Chill back in 1986 which I've never heard but, suprise suprise, a couple of godamn Finnish dudes are selling on Discogs currently. Worth taking a shot on for around 30 Euros including postage?) and possibly the first real South Park Coalition release, you might imagine this is only of note for it's amusing title or K-Rino's Scouser style shellshuit top and Dope-E's dapper mustard coloured outfit on the cover or as an historical artifact, but it's a pretty good EP, you know.

Here we find our 2 S.P.C allstars as a duo in the vein of EPMD with both of them rapping and Dope-E as the Erick Sermon figure handling all the production. As is often the case with releases from this era, the best moments are the nutgrabbin' We Have Rap Skillz! track and the We Hate Golddigging Groupie Skanks! track :

C.O.D - Clever Word

Absolutely no faffing about with this one as K-Rino emerges fully formed as the K-Rino I first heard on Ganksta N-I-P's S.P.C posse track Rough Brothers From South Park 2 or 3 years later to demolish this shit. File this alongside Headin' Fo' My Trunk by PSK-13 under the banner of S.P.C bangers you'd use as entrance music if you were a 90s ECW wrestler.

C.O.D - Fulla Dem Games

2 birds with 1 stone on here, as this is the EP's ode to misogyny and the prerequisite bass heavy car-friendly cut rolled into one. Chalk this one up as an early example of shot-firin' at nappy headed hoes, but the song's finest moment is K-Rino referring to a less than trustworthy lady of the night he's come into contact with as a "scheming lil' parrot". This seething resentment continued for 9 years until LL Cool J finally squashed the long-standing beef between rappers and the parrot community when he took 1 for the team and allowed himself to be outshined by one in Deep Blue Sea.


James said...

Collymore = god.

BRAD said...

1st song is tuff as

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link for the whole thing?


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Try here

Unknown said...

Dope, I was always partial to "Out There Bad." Love how they redid the picture for a later relase (couldn't find a large photo):