Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blatant blog swagger-jacking alert

Boothe just posted this and I couldn't resist reposting it here. Please forgive such flagrant thievery and click the pic' for full size details :

The main reason I'm posting this here, though, is that it got me pondering something : short and stocky frame; always wearing some sort of glasses; a fondness for such items of clothes as plaid shirts, chambray shirts, khaki chinos, indigo jeans, varsity jackets, coach jackets, and Nike Cortez; friendly with a man who wears slim fitting jeans and Nike hi-tops; generally antisocial; constantly entering bad relationships, sexist pig/hoe killer; known for adopting dual personas and using pseudonyms; extreme stingyness regarding monetary matters; employed by a white haired Jewish bigwig..


Did anybody ever see George and Eazy together in the same room?

Eazy E - Eazy-er Said Than Dunn

Bonus :

Sag-talk via some hack NY politician, Greenpeace with a bad case of the shits, Mr. Mixx from 2 Live Crew, and yours truly over on Fat Lace.


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clg23 said...

Good fashion never goes out of style, people love to act as if current trends are new. Tv shows have wardrobe coordinators who are paid to dress these people. None of the outfits were anything high fashion, just regular day attire. Funny comparison, but simple fashion will all ways be around

2SHIN said...

I've spent forever looking for my red wind-breaker because I saw George team it with a tasteful light blue dress shirt like that Supreme one. Shit was straight fire.

For a short bald fat guy who complained about never getting any pussy he must have banged at least 80 above average broads throughout the series.