Thursday, 29 April 2010

Martorial elegance # 41

We're still in dem streetz lookin' for candidates, but it's harder to get flicks for Martorial Elegance these days when every pensioner done up to the nines in a polyester approximation of Prince's Purple Rain outfit is a snarling psychopath who starts spitting and swearing at you and every dickweed in head-to-toe Ed Hardy has their kid with them. Seriously, try getting a sneaky shot of some faux-homme using Peter Andre as their fashion inspiration who happens to be pushing a buggy without getting pounced on for being a pervert. "I'm not taking pictures of your kid, honest! I do a blog where we rip off The Sartorialist and I was taking a picture of your shit jeans with rhinestone recerations of scenes from the old testament on the back pockets, mate!"

Thankfully, Killa Barratt is much more brazen than us and recently sent over a bunch of sly snaps he's taken recently.

Question : is it possible to somehow distill the essences of eurotrash, British white trash and your average Next shopping middle-aged bloke into a single pair of shoes which appear to have been crafted from the skin and dung of a Styracosaurus by prehistoric man?

Answer : yeah, it would appear so.


MCG said...

Good jeans too.

Boothe said...

White socks?

That's a no no.

MF said...

Good calls. I was so distracted by the shoes I didn't notice the jeans or the socks.