Thursday, 31 December 2009

Jim Jones talks gambling

Last year we brought you the gospel according to Jim Jones on the vagaries of fashion, this year we're closing '09 with Jim's pearls of wisdom on the compulsiveness of knowing when to hold 'em and knowing when to fold 'em :

"A man got to make at least one bet a day or he could walk around lucky all day and not even know it"

Bonus Dipset beats :

This really should've been on Diplomatic Immunity volume 1 instead of one of the cringeworthy skits where they let the excitable Freaky Zeeky lose in front of a microphone :

Jim Jones - Questions

Which reminds me, that recent Hell Rell Live From Hell album thingy has some jams on it. Most notably this :

Hell Rell - Motion Pictures

The Blaxploitation horns and staccato drums prevelent on pretty much every Dipset affiliated song from 2004 - 2005 are a-okay in my book, the rehashed Jada punchline about using albums by his enemies as ashtrays in 2009, on the other hand, gets the facepalm. Still, he just about makes up for it with the line where he goes "Rosa Parks sat on the back of the bus, just so I could sit in the front of this drop". Fight the power, doggy.

Happy new years and all that bollocks.


Anonymous said...

First world problems: entering the jackpot minigame on a William Hill slot after just putting a fiver in, and only winning £100 rather than the 0.5k.

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