Saturday, 26 December 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever # 24

Colour the festive period officially over, as we're declaring the next few days the heads-must-roll season after hearing news that our hombre Sha Deezy had his car broken into the other night, which resulted in his iPod, Xmas groceries and gloves gettin' jacked. Such lovely gloves too.

Harry Brown had its heart in the right place and was worth the price of admission alone to see the acoustic-guitar wielding, ol' Pam Ayres soundin' ass shit UK rapper Plan B gettin' his cap peeled (chalk off another one of our fantasies as being fulfilled), but if you're gonna indulge in a spot of vigilantism then we wanna see you be a little more creative with your blasting of criminals. It's not enough to just smoke 'em, you have to smoke 'em with flair like the god Charlie Mothafuckin' Bronson when he shot Larry Fishburne's Cutter character through his ghetto-blaster during the gunfight with the gang in Death Wish 2.

Anything else just comes off as softbatch in comparison.

Annihilation Time - Bl'ast! Off

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