Thursday, 16 April 2009

It was 40s, not bubbly; Uptown money was lovely

Finally received my copy of Azie Faison's book the other day and so far it's an essential read for any fans of the Azie and Alpo FEDS interviews, both Game Over ducumentaries, Paid In Full or anyone interested in the history of Harlem/NYC in the 80s.

Naturally, reading a book like this really puts you in the mood to listen to nothing but Harlem shit so here's some classic Uptown tunes including the only released track from Black Rob's 1991 recording sessions, an answer record to Vanity 6's Nasty Girl by Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, a track by Azie Faison's old group Mobstyle, a slept on Marley Marl laced Spoonie Gee album track, the highlight of McGruff's old demo, a What's Beef?-esque blend of Cam'Ron's That's Me by MF Doom, a CRU track with guest verses by Black Rob, the highlight of Doug E. Fresh's sophomore album and the finest tune Stack Bundles made before he was sadly shot.

I couldn't even decide on which Big L track to choose, hence nothing by Lamont, but rest assured that some L has been in rotation too, particularly Devil's Son and the Doo Wop freestyle over the Pre-Game beat.

Black Rob - Da Smoothness

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde - The Challenge

Mobstyle - Harlem (Uptown)

Spoonie Gee - She's My Girl

Herb McGruff - I Keep My Palm On The Handle

Cam'Ron - That's Me (MF Doom blend)

CRU featuring Black Rob - Nuthin' But

Stack Bundles - I'm Paid

Doug E. Fresh - D.E.F

On a related note, here's an interview with Dapper Dan from last year conducted by his son. He talks about how the rappers most famed for sporting his creations (Eric B & Rakim and Big Daddy Kane) wanted to look like the gangsters who originated the look (Azie's old business partners Alpo and Rich Porter), mentions Mike Tyson being a loyal customer and laughs about how LL, BDP and Doug E. Fresh still owe him money. You can tune out at about 6 minutes in as his son starts twittering on and using the video to promote his own rap career for the remaining duration of it.


bradley said...

black rob in 1991?? wtf

killer song. great post.

Martorialist said...

He was originally supposed to come out in 1991 but he ended up going to prison for 5 years so his LP got shelved.

You'll never guess who actually produced this tune and his unreleased LP, though, as it's a seriously WTF pairing....Automator!