Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 5

The 80s, history tells us, was a decade of decadence but this was also the time of Just Say No by the Grange Hill Gang, Rock Hudson dying of Aids and the ensuing panic it caused, teetotal frontmen as diverse as Ian MacKaye, Chuck D and Morrissey, the Straight Edge movement, bible thumpin' Cliff Richard songs polluting the charts and generic slasher flicks like the Sleepaway Camp trilogy whose anti-hero(ine - it's a long story) Angela Baker - a Jewish Joanie from Happy Days resembling psychotic female Ned Flanders with an acoustic guitar - killed foul mouthed Summer Camp teenagers who indulged in booze, drugs and pre-marital sex.

Here in the UK the Sleepaway Camp flicks were retitled as Nightmare Vacation 1, 2 and 3 and this scene from Nightmare Vacation 2 : Unhappy Campers remains the highlight of the franchise. Witness Angela incandescent with disgust as she watches the Shit sister twins smoking weed, drinking beer, being ravished the camp studs and, worse of all, interpolating her hallowed Happy Campers song into a filthy X-rated sing-a-long which Trina would approve of before making the slutty sisters pay for their sins.

Oh i'm a happy camper, i love to drink and fuck
and if you pay me money my titties you can suck

It was a hot summer that year.

Nightmare Vacation 2 was also particularly notable as it had Emilio Estevez's sister Renée Estevez in a pre-Betty Finn in Heathers role as the straight laced heroine chick Molly.

Molly and Angela during happier times.


Sha Deezy said...

Thanks for reminding me of those horrible films, wonder where that copy of NV1 ended up - I swear it was cursed, you dropping it through my mailbox was nearly as low as you coming around to get yr Playstation back when I was out partying. Damn that movie, I know I'll be dreaming of the end scene tonight fucking yuk.

Martorialist said...

That video was like a real life version of the tape in The Ring.

I honestly can't remember what happened to it but i'm guessing i probably gave it to Bate.

James said...

Emilio Estevez is a right fat twat in that new orange advert.