Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Humble pie

Cheers to Breezy for hookin' me with a copy of J-Stalin's Gas Nation album which i got through today. I hereby take back the time on Fat Lace when i sniffily suggested that The Jack Artist would've benefited from more Husalah and Ap.9 appearances and less verses from people like J-Stalin as Gas Nation is a solid collection of Bay slappers and low-key Mob musik.

These are the 2 cuts i'm really feelin', both of which are far more entertaining than this Barcelona vs. Chelsea match. Messi? Poor man's Dean Windass.

J-Stalin - My N*ggaz

I used to play Madden 'til the sun came up
look, momma, i'm a star now, your son done came up

J-Stalin - Brand New Jordans

Homie, i got the number 2s mixed with the 9
potna, they so clean they can be seen by the blind


Davey Boy Smith said...

Props on the retraction homie! Think I remember you making that comment, glad you've seen the light! Brand New Jordans is so slept on.

Martorialist said...

It was in the Underhated/Underrated piece i did on The Documentary/The Jack Artist if i remember right.

Also really likin' Cocaine Cowboys, I'm Back (Feelin' Like Mac Dre), Try Again Tomorrow and You Heard What I Said.