Friday, 9 July 2021

Born To Audiomack: Best of Mic Terror

Ya host's been sayin' Mic Terror is Chicago's best kept secret since for years so here's yer conclusive proof in playlist form. From Midwesternplayalistichooptymuzik for Jukers to irregular regular-guy raps which contain multitudes, Mic Teezy knows how to write a song, and can spit hot shit and hold a note at the SAME DAMN TIME! So, here's 25 songs from the conscious rapper who'll leave you unconscious (no J. Cole.)

~~ Best of Mic Terror ~~
1. Hoopty Music (2007)
2. Juke Them Hoes (2007)
3. If God Was Mic (2008)
4. Get Off (2008)
5. I'm An Asshole (2008)
6. Dickey Simpkins ft. J.U.I.C.E (2009)
7. My Bitch Tonight (2010)
8. Going (2010)
9. Chief Sampson (2011)
10. Habibi (2011)
11. The Heaux Love Me (2012)
12. Rodney King (2012)
13. 15 Minutes (2014)
14. Get Off My Dick ft. DJ Gant-Man (2014)
15. N.W.G (2014)
16. I Don't Call The Cops (2016)
17. Ironic (2018)
18. For The Heaux (2019)
19. Playa Shit (2019)
20. Ambitionz To Get Higher (2019)
21. Head In The Morning (2019)
22. The ABC's (2019)
23. Nobody Loves Me ft. Gitta (2019)
24. Forever Gangster ft. Gzus Piece & Bruus (2020)
25. Ride (2020)

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Anonymous said...

Did you know, Blade appears on the new solo album from one of those Ugly Duckling fellas?

Jmil843 said...

Thank you soooo much for this!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Blade and Ugly Duckling? Talk about a tom tit on a round of beef.

L.A said...

Gonna give this a run today.

Grant Cohn said...

What a service you've done for humanity. Thank you.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Making the internet a better place by ensuring Dickey Simpkins is available to stream somewhere 😇

Anonymous said...

I love Mic T because he is in the lineage of some of my favs (Devin, Mac Dre, Redman, Quik). Everyman rapper with a great sense of humor.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Yohan said...

Should we put Marty Martorialist on suicide watch after sunday?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

😄 Nah it was inevitable they'd fuck it up.

Plus, I can only hear 3 Lions (It's Coming Home) so many times before my patriotism evaporates. Cursed song.

D said...

You are doing god's work w all the Mic posts but esp this, 10/10 shit man

Re: it coming home -

Yohan said...

^ At any rate, welcome to the club. The 2010 final got me in my feelings for like a week. At this point in my time, I'm more entertained by the epic fallout from underperforming teams.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Best thing about the final was being able to shout Captain Bertorelli's catchphrase after each of England's trifecta of missed penalties.

Fred said...

Need a zip of this one to put in the iPod for the rest of the summer. The one song of his you posted that really got me sold on his music is If God Was Mic, been playing that one a lot since your post.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Might be my fave song of his.

Anonymous said...

This and your AZ deep cut/non album tracks playlists might be your best work. Love the site!!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Lulz thanx.