Monday 1 February 2021

One 4 the Britz: Boyz-n-the-Club

The Streets - Weak Become Heroes
(From Original Pirate Material album; 2002)

Not a lotta people know this but ya host is a big fan of Weak Become Heroes by chirpoi Brummoi c*nt Mike "The Streets" Skinner. It's the one thing Skinner ever recorded where I found his inherent cringe-factor endearing rather than embarrassing, and the song struck a perfect balance between British kitchen sink melancholy and Balearic dancefloor magic. The latter can also be said of Real Lies 2020 single Boss Trick, thus it's the true heir to Weak Become Heroes in the canon of Everything But The Pet Shop Boy-core.

Real Lies - Boss Trick
(From 2020 releases bundle EP; 2020)

Definite hint of classic London Trigger flow on this. In fact, if Giggs had grown up as a so sensitive North London sad lad then he might have recorded Boss Trick.


Spartan said...

On the scale of one to Piers Morgan, where would you rank him on the cringe-factor spectrum? Would have placed him pretty high up during his heyday.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Similar ranking to Morgan who also has one redeeming characteristic in the team he supports.

Michael McIntryre and Leigh Francis are the kings of cringe with zero redeeming characteristics.

You watch Kermode's latest Secrets Of Cinema series? Very enjoyable.

Spartan said...

Nah, not seen it. Good to know Saint Maud got his pick for best film 2020 though, since I was already planning to watch it tonight.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I was disappointed he didn't have The Lighthouse in his top 10 since I know he loved it. Maybe he considered it a 2019 movie.

His latest series is well worth a watch. Only 3 episodes.

Spartan said...

The Lighthouse had its national release in November 2019, rest of the world got it from January 2020 and onwards.

For a movie about a religious nutter in gloomy Scarborough, I did not expect Saint Maud to have an ESG track let alone three of f them

Anonymous said...

Mike Skinner aka the carboot sale Ian Dury aka the off-brand Paul Simon of FruityLoops aka the Pam Ayres of UK Garage.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ok, I need to see Saint Maud now.

shit but knows it said...

I like some of his other songs but this is definitely his best by a London orbital mile. I was 10 years too young to be a raver but this still chimes with my experience of the ecstacy honeymoon period and the subsequent sad, rainy ageing.

Not seen Saint Maud yet but I recommend Possessor. All hail the new new flesh!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I watched Possessor last week. The maple syrup didn't fall far from the jug with Cronenberg junior eh? Good companion to Cronenberg Senior's eXistenZ innit?