Tuesday 19 January 2021

StackDoughnalds was mah spot!

"I go stupider
I ain't came from Mars, I came from Jupiter
I wanna Cupid her
Baby got them buns I'm bout to doop in her
I'm boopin' her
If she say she Blood then I'm Woopin' her
Gotta strap it up 'cause I ain't tryna leave no troop in her"

Stack Dough - Chicken
(From YouTube; 2021)

SF robo-slap by some breh with a NOLA accent and an IT mask. This shit coulda done with a hook but I fuxwit it regardless. Fed this song into the trusty old audio-to-image converter here at Martorialist HQ and this is what came out:


Anonymous said...

When Charlie Sheen was good.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

His finest moment.