Sunday 10 January 2021

Just The Two Of Us

"If you give me less than 5 for a feature you gettin' a lazy verse
My n*gga Hell gave me what I want, I gave him a Slim Shady verse
12 racks for the Cuban, you n*ggas act stupid
Bitch, I ain't lookin' for no love, I'll whack Cupid"

Hellboy Rodd ft. Rio Da Yung OG - Talk Yo Shit
(From YouTube; 2020)

Top 5 reasons why this is ya host's favourite Rio Da Yung OG double-act track since Movie: cognisance of each other's presence on the song, genuine chemistry between both rappers, the impression that neither artist is just spittin' the first thing to spring to mind during their first take, none of Rio's gross rhymes about sex, a beat which slaps like bacon on a biscuit.

Can't believe I posted this one before Pink Chardonnay.


Yohan said...

Yeah this song's hot. I feel it's almost a dayjob to keep up with Rio, I heard he did around 500 songs/features last year lol.

Insanely low batting average but when he hits, he hits.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I concur.

hotbox said...

"give me less than 5 for a feature you get a lazy verse"

Anonymous said...


Yohan said...

Off topic, but how certain are you that The Southern Way EP by UGK was in fact first released in 1988 instead of somewhere between 1990-1992? Stumbled onto Pimp C's 1988 demo Under Ground King ( where I think his voice doesn't sound as deep as it does on the OG version of Cocaine in the Back of the Ride. Furthermore, in his first verse, he says he's 16, which would make this song either from '89 or '90 if I'm not slacking my math. So if Cocaine in the Back of the Ride was recorded after Under Ground King, that would make it from somewhere between '90 and '92, right?

Ray Garraty said...

"50 for a verse when I get out"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ray, did not need to hear Auto-Tuned Rio trying to sing 😄

Yohan, it was internet bullshit about it bring from 1988 (albeit internet bullshit I fell for.) Yeah, definitely more likely 1990 to 1991 innit.

noz said...

southern way liner notes say "UGK IN 92 BUCK UP BITCH!"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Gotta have been recorded earlier than 1992 tho since it dropped first 1/4 that year no?

d said...

There was a ton of chicanery w dates in 90s rap - large pro says no, dre’s fururistic y2k debacle n sick wid it adding extra yrs on to their packaging for longevity, so when ppl on the other side of the country caught up it wouldnt seem dated. the last one is funny cos when jive reissued iirc the mail man, the og appeared to have come out the yr after its reissue lol

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Yohan said...

Yeah, I'd date the EP to be recorded and possibly released in 1991. I don't think the deeper voices on the LP versions of the songs are the work of a few months or better recording equipment.

@d, didn't E-40 speak on that in a DJ Vlad interview? I forgot where I heard about that.

Conversely: what's your favourite E-40, solo or The Click, release?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

In A Major Way and The Mail Man EP for me.

d said...

Cant remember where i heard it but he always been saying stuff like mr flamboyant came out in 89 etc, even if artists rarely have a good grasp of their own timelines hes too consistent w his. Werners post on it was first i heard though

Im with marty n werner far as Mail Man being the one but his careers an essay so i have him in eras in my head myself

woody woodpecker on crack 89-92 - Down & Dirty
tycoon talkin ross peroelli 93-97 -Mail Man
swindlin ass fast talking inner city urban ghetto reverse psychology 98-2002 - Element of Surprise (should be charlie hustle but the fat joe song is a floater)
are we reading from the same sheet of music 2003-2011 - ghetto report card/revenue retrievins

havent rly listened to the ones after much, lost a step post mustard hyphy imho

B legits albums were better anyways - hemp museum n tryna get a buck>>>>

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

B-Legit appreciation society.