Wednesday 11 November 2020

Sorta late pass: the lost tribe of Salieu

Pa Salieu - B***K
(From B***K single; 2020)

So, ya host is warming to the U.K Rapper I'd previously dismissed as J Hus' equivalent of Dana Dane. This B***K song is an Afro-Bashment/Lakim Shabazz hybrid and I'm all over it like a Seagull on a bag of fish & chips.

My Family with BackRoad Gee is his choon of choonz, though. It was the first Salieu song where I didn't wish J Hus had got the beat instead, and the first Roadrapfrobeats song with big Next Hype energy.

Pa Salieu ft. BackRoad Gee - My Family
(From My Family single; 2020)

If Salieu drops a couple more undeniable choonz then he's officially the best thing to come outta Coventry since Fun Boy Three.

Fun Boy Three - The Telephone Always Rings (single version)
(From The Telephone Always Rings single; 1982)


Yohan said...

This is pretty good indeed.

Dank said...

His mixtape is out Friday.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fair play to him for giving it that title 😄

Dank said...

Energy from the mixtape is insane!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That's my fave of the new tracks on there.

Some of the others are ruined for me by the Auto-Tune hooks.

Anonymous said...

My Family is a UK classic already.