Monday, 29 June 2020

Generic list post: June 2020

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when someone finally solved the mystery of MF DOOM's Arrow Root sample. Now someone needs to solve the mystery of why DOOM decided to waste such a glorious beat on Scienz Of Life.

Smiley Culture - Roots Reality (1985)
Max B - Didn't Mean To Kill A Man (2020)
Ruste Juxx - Still Paper Thin (2020)
Heavy Steppers - Whateva (2020)
Trap Beckham ft. Flo Milli - Back It Up (2020)
Flo Milli - Like That Bitch (2020)
YG - FTP (2020)
79rs Gang - Shot That Signal (2020)
Jenevieve - Baby Powder (2020)
SAULT - Wildfires (2020)
Archers Of Loaf - Talking Over Talk (2020)

Other notables: totally slept on Cavalier's Go Brooklyn until it belatedly got blessed with a video; Eatem & Female Rapper's Bing Bing Bam is a better Whoop Sum sequel than the Whoop Sum remix; two new entries in the Boyz-n-the-Hoodcore canon this month with Boosie's Dope Muzik and Megan Thee Stallion's Girls In The Hood; Zaybang's New Rem is cool but really needed a hook; other than the new episodes of What We Do In The Shadows, the best TV show of June was DJ Quik's episode of Unsung.

Further listing: the best songs of 2020 so far imho.

Further listening: my Top Shelf 8/8/88 sequel compilation.

PS: R.I.P Young Curt. I hope Heaven got a function where No Bitch gets slapped as much as D-Lo's No Hoe.


Yohan said...

Megan's first song I actually like. Also more conclusive proof that it's very difficult indeed to sound bad over the Boyz N The Hood beat. Is there any sample with more staying power than Boyz N The Hood? From 1987 to 2020: one hell of a run.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The N.W.A movie probably helped in recent years, but, yeah, it's always been a constant.

Jmil843 said...

They are so many dope beats that DOOM should re-record over as solo tracks cuz he either didn’t rap on them or he gave them to weak rappers.

Smell Rell said...

Sad news about Young Curt.

L.A said...

Ruste Juxx's Lyte remake is tuff.

Jmil843 said...

Two peak era loosies from The-Dream

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

L.A - plus a most unexpected video cameo by King Of Chill from The Alliance.

Jmil - cheers. That Body Work song is sick.

Anonymous said...

Z-Ro & Shaq did a remake of “Can’t Stop The Reign”

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

2020 is fulla surprises.