Tuesday 23 June 2020

Trap Goin' (Beck)Ham

Trap Beckham ft. Flo Milli - Back It Up
(From the internet; 2020)

It's a game of two halves, Clive. They just don't make booty anthems like this anymore: songs that sound like the past, present and future at the SAME DAMN TIME! Back of the net, my son & shawty.

Who'd have ever thunk there'd be a Rapper called Trap Beckham tho? You'll never win anything with kidz unless you've got a different class of '92: Crunk Giggs, Atlanta Bass Scholes, Snap Butt, and the Futuristic Swag Neville Brothers.

Bonus beats: Flo Milli's new single is hardbody. Not so much death by stereo as death by stiletto.

Flo Milli - Like That Bitch
(From the internet; 2020)

"Big top, small legs - bitch built like a wine glass!"


Step One said...

A$AP Ferguson

GGGGG said...

First beat is insanity.

Anonymous said...

The Trap Beckham beat sounds like something FKI would’ve made for Travis Porter during their heyday.

Jmil843 said...

New addition to New Orleans Coronavirus songs https://mobile.twitter.com/BayouBun/status/1275488459000549377

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Yohan said...

Off topic, but found this gem:


* Slightly off-key piano in the vein of Xanman and that Heavy Steppers video you posted earlier
* Going retarded as a lifestyle decision
* Bragging about fucking broads with their babies in the bed (reminiscent of that Expose 1 song that got a few of those youngsters killed a few years back)
* Sartorial decision making reminiscent of fat white men on their way to the grocery store on a sunday
* I'm thinking a modern day Biz Markie comparison might be apt, but I might or might not be basing that on the physical similarities and their penchant for self depricating humor.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Hah, I knew it was gonna be that guy from your description. His profile has gone from 0 to 1000 in the space of a week it seems.

Yohan said...

Yeah I think that's what making a song called 'Free Joe Exotic' w/ Sada Baby in 2020 will do to you. Checked around for some other songs of his, but nothing jumped out as much as Northside Ghetto Soulja did.