Thursday 20 June 2019

I got a friend with a poll in the basement

The most important British question since Brexit: One Step Beyond or Night Boat To Cairo?

Madness - One Step Beyond
(From One Step Beyond album; 1979)

Madness - Night Boat To Cairo
(From One Step Beyond album; 1979)

Choose wisely but bear in mind that only one of these songs is the hometown anthem of a football club beloved of racist little Englanders and plastic glory-hunters. Incidentally, this is the same song once sampled on a DJ Spinna track where Eminem rhymed about starving his pets to death.


Johnny Rap said...

One Step Beyond

Step One said...

Our House though

Yeldarb said...

Fuck Chelski!

L.A said...

It's a tie.

Madness are the best singles band of their era.

Daps said...

Nightboat to Cairo but also Bed and Breakfast Man at the same time.

icebergsweater said...

One Step Beyond

CrowleyHead said...

Just wanna say really briefly "Embarrassment" is a slept on jam