Monday, 17 June 2019

Why, Why, Why?

Here is somethin' ya boy can't understand - how is UFO the only ESG song to have ever been sampled by rappers? It's incomprehensible that New York club classix like Moody (Spaced Out) and Dance remain as untouched as Elliot Rodger's decomposing todger, while ESG's instrumental jams like Parking Lot Blues and Tiny Sticks are basically breakbeats-in-waiting already.

ESG - Parking Lot Blues
(From Come Away With ESG album; 1983)

ESG - Tiny Sticks
(From Come Away With ESG album; 1983)

Still, as my granddad used to say, it's better to have nobody rap over your songs than it is to have some insufferable c*nts like Das Rapist rap over them.

Come Away With ESG = best album of 1983 or wot?


Ray Garraty said...

ESG was a now wave band, right? They made some fucked up songs, for sure.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

They get lumped in with some of those No Wave bands but they're an all black trio of sisters + 1 guy and their music is more like post-Disco Funk Punk or summat.

Moody (Spaced Out) was a huge song for Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage club, but all the downtown New York scenesters at places like Danceteria loved it too.

Very unique group.

L.A said...

I have never heard the ESG album before now. Dope!

D said...

Find it weird how some bands like blackbyrds n fatback got mined to death when ones of way bigger standing like maze didn't as much. I'm always listening to old shit then looking it assuming there's gotta be a few samples n get no results

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

More ESG and Maze samples in Rap songs plz.

rymsnitch said...

ESG is dope but Change - This Is Your Time or Kashif's self-titled for best album of 1983.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I only know the title track on that Change LP. Good song but it ain't fuckin' with Dance or Moody (Spaced Out) imho.