Tuesday 8 January 2019

Treal Lee T.V

It's 2019, do you know what that mean? It's now a decade since the YouTube video of Treal Lee & Prince Rick dancing to Get Off Me Now with Mr. Hit Dat Hoe in their Dallas neighbourhood was uploaded. Word around town, this video is so HIP HOP that it cured Kool Herc's kidney stones - well, that's what Herc told his sister after all the donations from the PayPal account she set up mysteriously disappeared and his kidney stones miraculously cleared up overnight. Not tryna suggest that Kool Herc is a dishonest motherfucker, but when he played Liverpool back in 2000 he pretended to be doing the beat-juggling on Fusion Beats Vol. 2 himself.

Treal Lee & Prince Rick ft. Wideframe - Mr. Hit Dat Hoe
(From YouTube; 2009)

Anyhoo, it's a bit unfair that Treal Lee & Prince Rick are only remembered for Throwed Off (Fuck Everybody) innit? Here at The Martorialist we've gotta lorra lorra love for their ode to Mr. Hit That Hoe, Shoes Up, and Transform. Treal Lee & Prince Rick actually had a nice little run of songs between 2009 - 2012, but it's probably not a coincidence that they fell off after they switched from Levi's to True Religion - you can't be Dallas cowboys if you've got some homme Eurotrash jeans hanging off your arses, lads.


supremeblaqsquare said...


I wish that someday old rappers will stop use those shit pots-pats-&-hammonds beats


there's suspicion that this shit was invented and massively manufactured probably somewhere in Germany cause


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fuck all that, let's talk Treal Lee & Prince Rick.

"You smell somethin' stanky? Yeah, I be the shit, bitch!"

Anonymous said...

really miss regional rap being fun like this.

Yohan said...


Smell Rell said...

I have never heard the 'Fusion Beats' track before but that's hilarious about Kool Herc.

L.A said...

Dude's Coogi shirt is fire