Sunday 13 January 2019

Generic list post: 2009 was 10 years ago!

Tom "Da Head Banger" Breihan

The finale of this cheap nostalgia-fest. 30 Legit Jams™ from the year of the Gucci Mane blog post comment section wars. Bit of an anticlimax after the 1989 and 1999 lists, but a not half bad if you're willing to accept that 80% of everything good in 2009 was now on the internet or from some obscure independent album.

DOOM - Gazzillion Ear
Lil B - Like A Martian
DJ Quik & Kurupt - 9x's Outta 10
Max B - Where Do I Go?
French Montana & Max B - Stake Sause
Curren$y - Scared Of Monsters
Gucci Mane - Lemonade
Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In The Paint
ELZhi - Deep
The Jacka ft. Cellski - Won't Be Right
Rich Boy - Drop
Lil' Boosie - Mind Of A Maniac
D-Lo - No Hoe
AZ ft. DJ Greg Mack - Live Your Life
YG - She A Model
Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie
Raekwon & Ghostface Killah ft. Method Man - New Wu
Eddi Projex - On Sight
Fast Life Yungstaz - Prada Walkin'
Tha Dogg Pound ft. Turf Talk - Y'All Know What I'm Doing
Young Dro - Clean Wit' It
UGK - Da Game Been Good To Me
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Treal Lee & Prince Rick ft. Wideframe - Mr. Hit Dat Hoe
Nicki Minaj - Itty Bitty Piggy
Grand Puba ft. Q-Tip - Good To Go
Jackie Chain - Diamonds & Cadillacs
G-Side & G-Mane - No One Does It Betta
A-Wax & Gonzoe ft. C-Murder - Natural Disasterz
Witchdoctor - Rich & Poor

Honourable mention of sorts goes to T-Pain & Lil' Wayne's Listen To Me: supposed to drop in 2009 but didn't see the light of day until 2017. G.O.A.T use of the Oompa Loompa song or wot?


D said...

Backwudz had the definitive oompa loompa joint, t-wayne prob beats big moe though. The ghost of pimp c called, he wants answers on whether u enjoy slum village aside from elzhi

This is the first one of these that makes me feel old, most these are still regularly in rotation for me lol

GGGGGG said...

Tom Breihan lolol

Add 'Gunplay' by Rick Ross w/ Gunplay

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I've never heard a Slum Village song which didn't bore me.

AK said...

What the hell happened to the whole Huntsville scene anyhow?

SE said...

Breihan was the Velvet Underground of indie guy rap bloggers. Everyone who read Status Ain't Hood went out and created their own Status Ain't Hood. Now we're here.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

😃 That's the realest shit you ever wrote, SE.

YelDARB said...

Like a dad, like i'm rad, like i'm Brad, like i'm Chad

Pink C said...

Oh man this list is really taking me back to another time and place. I was bumping Diamonds and Cadillacs non-stop that year! Now I'm curious to see what Jackie Chain has been up to over the last half-decade or so lol

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I made a best of Jackie Chain playlist a few years ago. Audiomack has fucked up the track titles with the guests now, but the playlist still jams.

I think he gave up Rap and moved to Cali to become a weed farmer.

Fred said...

Another cool year, I love that Quick & Kurupt album, so good. Same for The Jacka's Teargas.

Juicy J released his best solo album in 2009:

And I know you're not into Freddie Gibbs but his midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmusic also had quite a few jams on it:

I'd probably put a couple other songs from that year on my own list:

Slim Thug & half of the Houston rap scene:

OJ Da Juiceman - Burr Beer: (those ad-libs man!)

Blaq Poet - Ain't Nuttin' Change:

Illa Gee ft Prodigy - Walk With A Shotgun:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Blaq Poet 👌

Gucci Remoaner said...

This was the year I got back into rap music after a long hiatus - so I love this list.

My small contribution is to suggest ppl dig out Cam'ron and Vado's "Ric Flair".

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Good choice.

Anonymous said...

My contribution is Young Dro “All That Money” the original mixtape version. Favorite use of the “Moments In Love” sample by a rapper and I can’t believe it wasn’t a single.