Friday, 20 April 2018

Generic list post: 10 for '18

In no specific order, 10 Legit Jams™ from the first quarter of 2018. Slim pickings out there right now for ya host, but there's still a smattering of fly shit for doz of us who view Lil' Pump and Westside Gunn as different shades of the same shite.

Tay-K - After You (2018)
70th Street Carlos - Clappin' (2018)
Maine Musik - Soulja Slim Flow 2 (2018)
Husalah - Humpin' (2018)
Mozzy - Who I Am (2018)
Kendrick Lamar & SOB X RBE - Paramedic (2018)
SOB X RBE - Carpoolin' (2018)
Rich Blue - Hands Hands (2018)
Roc Marciano - 67 Lobby (2018)
Valee - Juice & Gin (2018)

Bonus beats: the present and the future walked into a bar - it was tense! You know I also stay posted up in the past like Toys R Us, so here's my top 3 new-to-me discovery songs of 2018 thus far.

Mac Dre - Outrages (2002)
Agallah ft. Sean Price - Zepplin Fuel (2009)
Ghost8800 - Sonic Boom (video mix) (2012)


Unknown said...

That Maine Musik tho

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

His best solo song since Social Media Gangsta

d said...

Im convinced Husalahs Mac Dre song is literally a Mac Dre song. you feeling much of the album?

SOB X RBE tapes my shit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I like a handful of tracks on the Hus' album.

Anonymous said...

When "Bad Young Thang" came on i swore Mac Dre was featured on the Husalah album. I thought the SOB album was really good.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's definitely the best Spirit Of Dre Compels Thee song since J-Diggs' What Would Dre Say.