Monday, 2 April 2018

Don't Get Caught

"I pray everyday for all the soldiers and real life G's IN JAIL
All these little kids, man, that ain't where you wanna be
All the real G's wanna be free, don't no real G wanna be IN JAIL
Uh huh... it's Mysonne!

There's no smilin' on Riker's Island
Them young boys is wildin'
They'll cut you dialin' on the phone, they respect the violent
The realest dudes move in silence
There's no talk, if you don't walk like a G they'll test you
If you a rat they'll stretch you
N*ggas'll let you think it's sweet, while you liftin' them weights up
Some lil' n*gga rippin' your face up
It's karma, you hear the toughest n*gga cry for momma
When that life's given by Your Honour
That means you gonna die in a little ass cell
They got n*ggas doin' life for a little ass sale
In the mountains you'll be countin' Soul Trains & Super Bowls every year 'til you come home
Move alone, choose comrades wisely
Rule number one: don't speak what your eyes see
You got chumps tryna turn n*ggas out
Punks tryna burn n*ggas out
Sneak theives watchin', they tryna learn a n*gga's route
So when you leave they can clear a n*gga out
Then you got the C.O's who always wanna try you
'Cause they was nerds and punks back in high school
It's survival of the fittest in this bitch
The dude you call friend could be a snitch or a paedophile
Gotta check his file, gotta see his paperwork
Find out now 'cause later it's gonna make it worse
Some n*ggas leave and go right back
Do 15, come home, then go right back
Then they call home and nobody pick up the jack
And wonder why when they write that n*ggas don't write back
It's wack, straight up, bottom line
Any cat that glorify that is out his mind
I'm outta time, but I'm finally free, man
The worst place that you can be, man, is IN JAIL"

Mysonne - In Jail
(From YouTube; 2011)

Currently confined to my bed with a stinking cold, so ya host has kept busy by transcribing the lyrics to Mysonne's Jail House Rap nostaljack AKA the one moment of shinola in the otherwise shitty catalogue of a Ruff Ryders C lister-turnt-DJ Vlad's token black friend. Fellow perennial jailbird Black Rob had the vivider raps about doing porridge, but Mysonne Stanley Fletcher made a more compelling argument about why it's grim up north.

Jail House Rap - top 5 Larry Smith & Davy DMX production or wot?


Unknown said...

Mysone has on other good song "Thats How We on It"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

O rly? Will check it.

L.A said...

lol @ DJ Vlad's token black friend.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

This Mysonne song is better than:

* Pretty much any big NY Banger of this decade apart from a few singles by French & Chinx
* Anything by anyone in A$AP Mob
* Anything by Bobby Shmurda + his pals or Desiigner
* Any shitty NY Drill
* Anthing by Westside Gunn & Conway + all those other corny streetwear boutique Roc Marciano rip-off rappers

Unknown said...

@Si Mane Price I was wondering what your thoughts were on Westside Gunn & Conway. Well I do like them I could see the argument about them being Roc Marc rip offs.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I really dislike Westside Gunn.

Step One said...

Absolutely cannot be doing with any of that Westside Benny Big Guns nonsense. Most of the people into it wouldn't have gone near a Lox record or Kay Slay bitd and now they're shelling out $$ for limited edition vinylz of a generic thug rap like no one's business. Just get G Units Terminate On Sight for $2 and stfu

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

My best of A-Mafia playlist >>>>>> all that lot.