Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tinder Bell

"See, that chat is not so snappy, and Cupid's not ok
I'm glad that we connected in the most old-fashioned way
I'm not against Computer Love, but, gurl, it's you I love
So baby you can understand it when I say..
There's nothin' we can do here that we can't do at home
So gurl take my hand..
'Cause we gotta go, we gotta goooooo, we gotta goooooo"

XL Middleton - We Gotta Go
(From the MoFunk Records Bandcamp; 2018)

Via an AZN DJ Quik/Dâm-Funk hybrid, here's a digital G-Funk chirpsing anthem for blokes who are too analogue to find a bird on Plenty Of Fish. If there's one things Rap needs in 2018, it's AZN G-Funk producer/rappers who look like Fieldy from KoЯn.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Dj Quik he just released a new song called "World Girl". I think it's dope

Anonymous said...

This’ll hold me until Dam drops his album this year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, new Quik is cool