Tuesday 8 August 2017

Dirty Leeds

LFO - We Are Back
(From Frequencies album; 1991)

AKA the song which combined the disparate aesthetics of Ron Hardy and Don Revie. We Are Back doffed its flatcap to Phuture's The Creator and then politely bodied that shit. Eh up, cock - this is Leeds not Chicago.

One of my older raver m8s once told me that We Are Back was considered a disappointment back in't day after the LFO and Leeds Warehouse Remix 12"s. Imagine that! Conclusive proof that you can't trust the opinions of Techno 'eadz or wot?

BTW, this isn't the official We Are Back video because no such thing exists. It's actually a fan-made extended edit of the mixed version of the song from Dave Clarke's X-Mix - Electro Boogie VHS tape. Or as it's known around these parts, the mix which finally sold me on the more subtle charms of Hashim's Primrose Path.


Tha Nick Carter 5 said...

Techno? Didn't this used to be a Hip Hop blog?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

This is #ElectroNotTechno.

step one said...

Nothing wrong with diversifying your brand m8.

I for one welcome our new techno overlords.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Might do a new series called House Every Wednesday where I post K-Kass deep cuts.

d said...

I like the posts bout less good, but still good, genres

Nightmares on A Wax said...

'Frequencies' still sounds futuristic and bangin in 2017.