Monday 21 August 2017

Now that's the brotha I be seein' in my sleep!

I'm serious, man, I'm so sincere, this is the video right here which ended Star's VladTV career! Star then got the hump and threatened to sue DJ Vlad unless Vlad removed all of his videos from VladTV, which Vlad complied with because Star probably has loadsa dirt on him. A treasure trove of shit-talk and terrible outfits were lost into the cracks of the internet; cracks such as where the tru headz can still find the apogee of both of Star & Lord Jamar VladTV career/the only entertaining thing Yelawolf has been involved in since signing to Shady Records:

Lord Jamar & Star Issue Stern Warning to Yelawolf by clickraspy


Ruben said...

I am going to be haunted by that picture. Thanks.

d said...

Im mad to track down Star n Buc public access clips I know some tri stater had some sense.

Jamars head gradually getting fatter off his new position has been a journey n also taken a turn where its so ridiculous it no longers affecting my enjoying Brand Nubian ala KRS n Wacko

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Last minute of this video = best movie criticism of 2014.

SE said...

they were gettin twisted off screwdrivers if memory serves. male bonding happened. g'bless the innanet.