Saturday, 3 September 2016

It was a saturday night on the streetz of Cali...

"Hit the doors like 2 titans, the whole jam stopped to stare
And as we walked through the crowd, they threw bills in the air"

That new Nef The Pharaoh mixtape is quite literally just a bunch of songs he doesn't consider good enough to make his debut album, so ya host is gonna spend the weekend jammin' DJ Step One's best of Ice-T mix instead. Home Of The Bodybag, New Jack Hustler, Drama, 6 'N The Mornin', You Played Yourself, Mind Over Matter, Bitches 2, O.G. Original Gangster, and Soul On Ice are all present and correct so it'd feel churlish to complain about the absence of Squeeze The Trigger, The Tower, and Straight Up N*gga. How can you be dowwwwwwn? Peep below:


step one said...

"E parked the car on THE GRASS!"

thanks for the Co-sign. If I'd have found that pic of Ice repping for #teamshortsabovetheknee I'd definitely have used it for the artwork.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Fred said...

Cool mix, props for that.

My fave post-93 Ice-T album is definitely The Seventh Deadly Sin. Always Wanted To Be A Ho, Retaliation, Don't Hate The Playa and Check Your Game with King-Tee are some of the best tracks on there.

Also got a lot of love for Body Count, but that's based on me also being a hardcore/metal head type of guy.

My uzi weighs a lipton said...

My first ever rap album was Ice T 'Return of the Real', which I bought because it had bleeding bullet holes on it.

In retrospect it's extremely average but at the time I found the screaming ho being pimp slapped on track 1 as sweet to the ears as the Hallelujah chorus.