Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Breaking news: Yanks still mad that Fancy was the biggest rap song of 2014!

If there's one rapper who isn't allowed to take potshots at Iggy Azalea, it's the guy who took Kitty Pryde on tour and then fawned over Anthony Fantano with her. Get back in the car, Danny.

Remember when I wrote the best Iggy Azalea think piece of all time? I can hold you down like I'm givin' lessons in tying me Kangaroo, sport.


Anonymous said...

"My homeboy Anthony Fantano"

What a faggot.

Anonymous said...

Listening to this album I think we really need to get back to the early 00's when experimenting with rock music was actively discouraged and resulted in something unpleasant like being signed to Anticon.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

When It Rain is the first song I've really liked by this guy since Lincoln Continental but I can't bring myself to listen to his album now it's here.

Crocodile Dundeeznuts said...

Yeah, surely rap should be a haven from the likes of System of A Down?

The main lesson he seems to have drawn from rock music is to vocalise in such a way as to render his lyrics almost incomprehensible.

It's a good album from a production standpoint (though I dunno if you'll like it) but from a rapping standpoint it's hard to even call it rapping.

Shapey Fiend said...

I don't like that he's using the same 2013 flows that I disliked so much on Old and the features in the run up.

That Open Mic Eagle & Paul White album from earlier in the year is a much better combination. It's still indie rock influenced but there are actual drums and melody.

Danny used use his whole vocal range now he's just blasting you with the strained voice for entire verses. Lads going to destroy his vocal chords touring this stuff.