Monday, 22 July 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube # 44

Uploaded with the caption "I WAS A FAT BOY LOL" by none other than A-Mafia, it's a three-song medley promo video for DukeDaGod's More Than Music Vol. 2 compilation CD. Cam and Jim mustn't have fancied making Rap hands in pissy elevators as Duke pointed a 1998 Sony camcorder in their faces that day because the clip doesn't feature either of the album's best songs, but Juelz puts in an appearance and it climaxes with a video for Hell Rell & A-Mafia's Street Pharmacist which basically resembles a deleted scene from Killa Season set to some crazy baroque Jean Michel Jarre score :

"Fresh out the shower the only way I could be washed up"


Nova from I.N.F.O & Nova who produced Street Pharmacist reckons AraabMuzik ganked his whole sound from this song. Nova might be a bitter hack who spent 8 years as I.N.F.O's doja with no money, no cars, and no nothin', but he does have a point, huh?


P.B said...


Nova is hilarious.

bradley said...

inspired me to go watch hell rell interviews over lunchtime today!

Fredo Fantano said...

A lunchtime well spent.

I love how Hell Rell's connect in the Street Pharmacist video is a U.P.S man. Rappers have come a long, long way since Turk shot the mailman for bringing the welfare cheques late in Baller Blockin'.

Anonymous said...

Always thought the mailman was the most sympathetic character in Baller Blockin. He was just doin his job yo!