Thursday, 11 July 2013

Consider it not a failure, it was more of a practice

Don't really have any fresh takes on $tarlito at this point, nor have I changed my opinion that Don Trip should only ever be allowed to rhyme in the company of 'lito and Yo Gotti because he's far too irritating as a solo presence. Right now, I'm just pleased to have another entry into the canon of $tarlito songs which use the same samples as early noughties QB Thug-Rap :

$tarlito ft. Don Trip - No Rearview
(From Cold Turkey album; 2013)


rapper naaae said...

Baby and Rawse also used the Forced My Hand sample. Cormega being on songs with Lil Wayne, Mac Dre & Lil B etc, wonder if his shit travels.

Jaspar said...

I'm feeling Starlito and Gates working together on this.

Anonymous said...

Hol up tho:

what other lito songs have 90s QB rap samples?
What songs have mega done with Mac Dre?

Important inqueries here, really, you know...

Fredo Fantano said...

Alphabet Soup, Three's Company and Life Insurance.

Bonus beats : the title track from Renaissance Gangster also uses the same sample as that leaked song with Kool G. Rap from Husalah's unreleased Harsh Reality album.