Monday 4 March 2013

Wanted dead or alive : Satisfied by Skull Duggery with Mystikal

It's currently monday morning and I think we already have a viable contender for the mixtape of the week award : an 100 song deep No Limit edition of Cassette Tape Classics by DirtyGloveBastard with DJ Breakemoff, DJ Dow Jones and RichboyGFX.

Listen to and download that shit here!

Never heard any Skull Duggery beforehand aside from a few cameo verses on other No Limit songs and, typically, all the RAR links to his These Wicked Streets album are dead now I wanna hear that shit. Youtube only has a radio edit of Satisfied courtesy of none other than Frankie Tha Lucky Dog, so could someone be a dear and hook me up with an MP3 of the regular dirty version of Satisfied plz?

Related note : all the time I'm readin' Frankie, 'cause it seem like he the only blogger makin' sense to me. Check out his tribute video to Magic/Mr. Magic.


sisilafami said...

here's the whole album :

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

..and all the time I'm readin' Sisilafami, 'cause it seem like ANU the only blogger makin' sense to me!

Thanx, lid.

done said...

Love that song.

Ive been catching up on the NL second tier lately. The Prime Suspects albums good too if youre looking for c-listers featuring Mystikal, the previous Skull Duggery albums not too shabby either.

I think 2013s gonna be Frankie's year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Satisfied is now officially the first entry on my great non-2013 songs I discovered in 2013 list.

FrankieThaLuckyDog said...

Thanx 4 posting about me and featuring my blog in your list of blogs, on tha side! Of course, I was super-dedicated to Skull Duggrey 'cause we would be in touch, over tha phone, while he'd be in jail. He hasn't called me since June 12, 2012, and I haven't talked to him since May 5, 2012, so I dunno what's tha latest on him. Also, thanx @ done saying that "2013s gonna be Frankie's year." I'm tryin', as well as attempting to get a job in tha video world.