Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Martorial elegance : Boosie edition # 12

C-Loc ft. Boosie & J-Von - Pussy Ass N*ggaz
(From It's A Gamble album; 2000)

Smokey And The Bandit, quizzers! That was the name of the CD C-Loc & Boosie were supposed to drop as a duo in 2000 before C-Loc got locked up. The actual facts go even deeper into the Bayou than that, though, since the album was originally billed as C-Loc & Young Bleed until their squabble over scrilla put pay to that and the young upstart of the Concentration Camp Boosie was drafted in to replace Bleed on the adverts for it. What a pity we ended up getting neither version of the album when both combinations of the Camp sounded so good shootin' the shit on songs together :-(

Anyhoo, back to the grillz again :


sisilafami said...

how many times does he say fuck tough ?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Thomas said...

Barbara Wolcott putting an internet stranger on blast with hilarious and confusing results!