Wednesday 27 March 2013


Harlem got the ad lib game on lock like HMP Slade or Wentworth Detention Centre, son! Don't believe me, listen to Jim Jones bellowing "THEY FOREIGN!" after his "and my cars, they sumthin' from overseas" line on Lil' Flip's I Get Money for the absolute pinnacle of the artform and then tell me I'm tryna bluff you.

Still, while Jim may hold the title of the G.O.A.T ad lib, there's another Harlem native that's been adding impromptu exclamation points to songs for donkey's years now. Here, then, is a definitive and undisputable top 5 list of Puffy's greatest ad libbed laughs on Rap records ever.

1. The earsplitting echoed "UH-HAAAAA!" on Special Delivery after G-Dep says "let her do a skit and then she hit my producer".

2. His sly chortle after Ma$e says "never been arrested for nothin' domestic" on Feel So Good.

3. His suggestive snigger on Been Around The World after he says "it's ridiculous how you put your lips on this/don't kiss right there, girlfriend, I'm ticklish" .

4. The shrill "HAAAAAA!" after the infamous "don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks" line on Bad Boy 4 Life

5. Every single snide LOL of his on Biggie's Hypnotize.


step one said...

theres a full 3 minutes or so of him talking shit before G Dep actually starts rapping on the 12" of Special Delivery .

Honourable mention to Styles P in the adlib stakes though.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Album version of Special Delivery is the same as the 12" - nearly 7 minutes long!