Saturday, 2 October 2010

Du-du-du-du, du-du

Three reasons why I'm posting the I Got It Made video this morning :

Special Ed - I Got It Made

1. It's a top three favourite Special Ed song alongside Taxing and the Primo remix of Freaky Flow, though the order varies according to mood. I Got It Made is a weird song because came out in 1989 amidst singles like Fight The Power, Straight Out Of Compton, Portrait Of A Masterpiece, Me, Myself, And I, and Shadrach which were all collages of multiple samples and scratches, and it sounds so basic and lo-fi in comparison with drums like an ice cream tub being flicked by an index finger and nothing more that that du-du-du-du, du-du from I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky by Ripple for adornment, but it still, as they say, goes hard.

2. Although Zhigge may have officially repped for the 'LO Lifes on record before anybody else and Grand Puba helped popularize it, POLO was a fascination for Brooklyn before any other bourough of NYC caught onto it and this was the first rap video to feature a heap of classic 'LO gear, with some absolutely orgasmic jackets on show. Not sure that Ed's proud "never boostin', never shopliftin'" claim and the 'LO Life ethos were quite coalescing at this point, though.

3. There was a Mannie Fresh piece in The Source a few years back (one of the things I miss most about the closure of Borders in the UK is the sitting down with magazines I'd never want to spend money on but still like to have a good rummage through) where he talked about his favourite rap songs and this was one of them. An initially suprising choice, perhaps, but Ed's ostentatious boasts about having 74 Honda scooters, procuring land in the West Indies plus an island of his own, and owning a dog with a solid gold bone here were the missing link between Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde and Big Tymers as far as flossed out Ted Dibiase-rap goes.

Mannie Fresh - Real Big


hl said...

Don't forget the alligator souffle. That was the 89' equivilent of Dave Chappelle's fried dinosaur egg.

2SHIN said...

"I done worse, but I had to throw props to greatest on the last verse."

If I was a rapper making a song about that article what I done wroted and that, I'd end with that bar.

Spod said...

I really really really flipping love this track. Top five, like, ever.

MF said...

Aligator souffle is an alltime classic and having I Got It Made in your top 5 of all time is perfectly acceptable.

Cheers, 2Shin. Props on having the Based God himself retweet your shit too, dawg.

done said...

i was readin your best singles of the noughties list (seriously best rap list ever on the internets, though thats not sayin much admittedly) and was wonderin did you ever write for hhc? based off husalin since th 80s bein in it once and you bloggin on fatlace

actually when i saw it as best album of 06 i was like what the fuck is this bollox, then when i listened to it i thought it was th worst waste of great beats ever. came to me senses tho

MF said...


The love in HHC for Huslin' Since Da 80's came from Breezy, Drew Huge, and Davey Boy, though.