Tuesday 12 October 2010

Martorial Elegance : the Boosie edition

Young Sleep ft. Lil' Boosie - Adidas Crazy

I suppose you could make a proper fist of a Martorial Elegance post about Boosie since he did that Adidas Crazy song with some jumped-up promoter/DJ called Young Sleep who's decided he needs to add rapping to his arsenal of activities he isn't exactly excelling at (they also did this song together), and because he's responsible for snatching the Adidas tracksuit back from the clutches of nu-metallers and German heep hop producers of das embarrassing breakdancing music :



But today's edition is about liberating Boosie's verse from the remix to 6 Tre G's Fresh. I can't be the only one who finds it hilarious that the only song to emerge from the Huntsville clique which has made any sort of impact outside their local scene/the internet/Norway's answer to Shea Stadium to date is a song by their token Latino weed carrier 6 Tre G, right? G-Side must be pretty darned pissed that Codie G didn't get this beat to them because Fresh began life as an elementary but brilliant beat with a handy Slick Rick sample for the hook, which was then ruined by three verses about terrible clothes for fresh-off-the-boat Polish G-Unit fans who've just bumrushed the Warrington branches of TK Maxx and Madhouse, but the song was thankfully redeemed when Boosie was recruited for a quick verse on the remix where he lapses into that staccato Pimp C on Wood Wheel-ish flow of his a couple of times and mentions POLO, linen suits, Levi's, white Nikes, wearing pink, and how he spends 35 hundred on a fifty to go sit in a movie. Song saved.

Since I've been on a Boosie listening spree the past week or so, I got Step to chop all traces of 6 Tre G's rapping out of the song in return for a compilation of Bay slaps from the past five years. I can tolerate Young Sleep's contribution to Adidas Crazy because he's a minimal presence on his own song and he gives Jam-Master Jay an R.I.P shout-out, but listening to 6 Tre G brag about wearing Ed Hardy for two verses just ain't happenin', man, so here's an exclusive chopped-up Fresh remix which is little more than Boosie's verse with a hook on either side of it. Why didn't he just get this beat in the first place anyway?

Lil' Boosie - Fresh remix verse

Okay, no more Boosie posts for the rest of 2010 unless some unreleased Pimp C produced recordings from Ghetto Stories turn up or Victoria Coren asks a question about him on the new series of Only Connect to explain some seemingly inexplicable link between him, Merv Hughes and Arthur Conan Doyle.


James said...

I really like that.

Do you have an mp3 of that "Top To The Bottom" video of his?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I don't, although I do want it.

There's a link to it on Usershare which comes up via Google but I'm not touching that site again after it gave me a virus.