Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wanted dead or alive # 5 : Live At The BBQ 2007

Remember that Bad Boy posse track over Nautilus which D-Dot leaked with some old Biggie verse, and new verses by Black Rob, Ness From Da Band, and Aasim? I can't find whatever cd-r I put it on and all the download links are dead now (the audio has even been disabled on Youtube) so does anyone have it? And speaking of Aasim...

"I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!"

Alas, nobody is screaming for poor Aasim because he's a near-unknown after spending the past 12 years as the rap Theo Walcott at the 2006 World Cup/a victim of label-limbo at Loud, some indie, and Bad Boy, and when it did look like he'd started to build a little buzz for his major label debut on Bad Boy with Go and Say New York City back in late 2006/early 2007, Puffy ganked all the beats Sean & L.V had earmarked for him and gave them to Jay-Z to use on American Gangster to rap about Russell Crowe or whatever the fuck the "concept" of that album was. While I'm sure Aasim's ghost-writing/vocal coaching cheques from Puff have probably helped wipe the tears from his eyes, this is one seriously unlucky guy, eh? Is dude atoning for being a Jonathan King figure in a past life or something?

So, I happened to notice the other day that he has another Money Pit street album coming out (or already out?), and while the songs I've heard from it are doo-doo, the first one from 2005 had some joints if you happen to be in the mood for some vaguely AZ-ish cerebral old-man NY street shit which isn't too thugged-out (sometimes a man just doesn't feel like listening to Kool G. Rap pretending to be Sam Giancana or Styles P threatening to dismember cocksuckers with his cutlery) but don't fancy listening to old Gang Starr, Nas, or AZ himself :

Aasim ft. Wise G - The Money Pit

Because every Noo Yawk rapper needs a weed-carrier who sounds a bit like Cam at his most husky. Here Aasim turns his predicament as a rapper trapped in his oppressive environment due to his record labels perpetually shelving him and not coming through with the paper into his persona, which is a preferable option to him sounding like Mark Curry or Loon, I guess.

Aasim - Disrespectful Views

Mid-tempo production was the best vehicle for Aasim's dulcet tones and, hey, at least he delivers the Biggie line for the hook himself here. Remember that Black Rob Y'All Know Who Killed Him song which was billed as featuring Biggie so we got excited that it might be an unreleased/little-heard Biggie verse like Jeans And Sneakers but it just had the Biggie vocal sample as the hook? People have sued for far less.

Anybody have Live At The BBQ 2007 then? Be a dear and hook it up if you have.

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"go" is fuckin' mint.