Sunday, 28 February 2010

"Lemme tell ya sumthin', Mean Wayne.."

Since yesterday was the day John Terry celebrated his status as the most hated man in football by gettin' his wig done like Brian Knobbs from The Nasty Boys, mark today down in your diary as being the official day to watch Eazy E being interviewed by Tarrie B on Youtube :

4 things we learned from this interview :

1. Contrary to the cover of the Power Of A Woman tape which I jerked off to as a teen, Tarrie B looks less like Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy, and more like Al Pacino as Big Boy Caprice in Dick Tracy.

2. Even though Tarrie was a cum-repository for every male Ruthless Records rapper and the original Everlast in terms of embarrassing genre-hopping in the nu-metal era, her RUTHLESS BITCH coach jacket was pretty damn fly.

3. That black ppl loved Guns 'N' Roses even though they only ever had 3 good songs and were make-up wearing fagz in choked up Reebok high-tops.

4 Eazy could do that thing where he turns his eyelids inside out that this kid we knew called Spastic John always used to do on the bus to scare kids.


Boothe said...

wow...that was incredibly wack. Eazy was getting better questions in his music video.

"why you wear your pants like that?"

What a dumb bitch Terrie B is.

MF said...

Yeah, i never saw that vid back in the day or i would've used his "For Eazy access!" response every time someone asked me why i was saggin' my kecks back in the day.

It's such a great response that i'm now feelin' like George Costanza in the "The Comeback" episode.

step one said...

in 89 the token guitar group for rappers to namecheck was GNR. fast forward 20 years later and its fucking Coldplay. Doesnt seem so bad now does it...

Mr Bozack said...

Heard that "JT"'s season could be about to get even worse...although the way he's playing at the moment, I think I'd rather take Tarrie to the World Cup.

Totally echo your sentiments re rubbing one out to the power of a woman cover...fuk me, this vid certainly put an end to that.